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    My AX2 finally gave up the ghost and I was hot to find another "in the ear" bluetooth headset. I settled on the WEP200 (until either the WEP400 or the Invisio Q7 arrive). The first thing I found, like most other folks is that the ear gel supplied by Samsung just doesn't fit some people very well. O.K. - it doesn't fit me at all. I read all I could on this forum and had even tried the Jabra ear gels. They fit the headset well, but still not as comfortable or as secure as my AX2. So I took a couple of my old AX2 ear gels and started figuring out how to make them fit. The following is what I did. If you'd like more detailed pics, let me know and I'll see what I can do. But for what it's worth, this fix is awesome!! I am completely sold on the WEP and the fit is perfect!!
    Here's the pics of the AX2 ear gel I modified to fit the WEP200. The ear gel appears to be too small for the WEP because the speaker won't fit down deep enough into it. I simply took a very sharp, very pointed knife (like an Xacto knife) and cut out some material from the inside of the bowl that makes up the ear gel, thereby making it deeper. Be careful not to take too much material from the upper portion of the bowl, as it is much thinner and easy to cut through. I could still stand to remove a little more from the bottom, but am pleased with the current result as it stays on tight and fits just like my AX2 used to.
    Hope this helps.
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    Nice. Im always worried about my headset falling off so I prefer the earhook.
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