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    I've researched the forums for a while and determined that I see a lot of negative feed back regarding SEIDO. It's ashame, but it seems to be true that people are having the same quality problems that I've encountered. Now mind you there are some positive responses as well just not as many.

    Seido claims to warranty their products, but the documentation provided by them was non-existant and ergo there was no warranty information. The items I received shipped in plain plastic bags with no frills. You only find out about the warranty information if you call them or if you visit their web site.

    Anyhow if you have had problems with SEIDO and would like to tell someone about them please tell me. You can send me an email to:

    I've attempted to contact them regarding their shoddy products and never received a response. I was seeking compensation from damage to my phone caused by their poor product design. They've ignored me. That's to bad since I will now probably be forced to seek compensation in a local small claims court.

    Although I suspect this posting will be removed I'm trying anyhow. Share it with your friends. Ask Treo Central to stop carrying their products until the quality issues can be resolved.
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    forget emails, call them directly, number is on site and ask for margret i think, sales manager

    if your product is defective they will replace but if u are complaining about a certain design they will prob just tell u that no one else is complaining about it that they are aware of, and maybe will offer u an option to ship back to them
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    I had a problem with my case for my 750 and they replaced it no questions far service is great!
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    The OP stated they are attempting to receive compensation for damage caused to their phone by a Seidio product. Not a refund for the Seidio product.
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    i dont like their wired headsets any more. They quickly get a loose connection, and it is almost near the 2,5mm jack, not even a place in the retractable part.
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    Sadly, I've given up on Seidio. I've had multiple problems with the quality of their products and service. The last time I called was due to a issue with my G4850 power jack. It was intermittent. Someone on this board had suggested I call them as this was a known issue. I called them and the moron that I spoke to told me that it was a indeed a known issue and I should just simply shave down the plastic on the tip of the plug. Well, of course, that didn't work at all. I ended up taking it apart and removing the main jack that was not working. Then I removed the aux power jack that I never use as it was identical and put it where the main jack was. Now power jack works fine, but the dang audio jack now is very intermittent. It's so bad, I can't use it and have nothing to replace it with. I use THEIR adapter with it, so they can't blame it on someone else's substandard adapter plug./ Now the thing is almost useless as I cannot use the audio output. You SUCK, SEIDIO. I'M DONE BUYING YOUR JUNK.
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    Well after going thru 3 rubberized cases for my 750 and sending them all back and waiting on a refund treocentral said they never got the 3rd so now I am out a case and money and very frustrated...TREOCENTRAL STORE SUCKS!!!
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    I don't think you'll have much of a case, unless you can prove that the design of the case caused the problem AND you can come up with an alternative design. At least that's what I remember when I took Business Law (and no, I'm not an attorney). As for the warranty information being on their website, it's just once page deep, hardly hidden, so that may not hold up either. That's the nature of the beast, but boy does that beast bite sometimes.

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