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    Hello. I'm trying rechargeable NiMH batteries for the first time. Any recommendations on a battery level hack? Also, where can I obtain a list of shortcuts for the Palm OS? Thanks.
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    Battery Meter Hack works well, though I don't think that it works with OS 3.5 (unless the designer has created an upgrade).

    You won't be sorry with NIMHs. I've been using them for several months now, and I love them.

    BTW, it's kind of odd, but if you are using Energizer rechargeables, there are a blue kind and a green kind. The blue ones last A LOT longer.
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    Thanks. Wil give it a try. And thanks for the battery (color) tip.
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    Originally posted by dinosoar
    where can I obtain a list of shortcuts for the Palm OS?
    Here's a listing of the infamous .dot shortcuts.
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    I would recommend Battery Panel. You can find it here. It's not a hack, you use it from Preferences. It will also keep your settings after a soft reset which I don't think any of the battery hacks do, or the :shortcut: .7. Also, Battery Panel is donation ware so the price is what you want it to be!

    I too think you will be quite happy with the NiMH batteries. I've been using them for awhile in my VDX and am glad I switched.

    Hope this helps...

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    Thanks, GolfBob and MarkEagle.
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    Hello -

    I just purchased the ICU battery pack that CompUsa is selling. Its two NiMH batteries, and a charger with a custom battery plate cover. I've used the shortcut to reset my battery type to NiCad, but is there a better option for those batteries? I know that NiMH was offered on real Palms starting with 3.3, but for those of us stuck with handsprings version, what should we use?


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    NiCad setting works fine. That's what I use with my VDX. Of course the beauty of rechargeables is that there's no reason to run them down to the nubs. I usually swap batteries when my monitor starts fluctuating between 35% and 50%.
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    Battery Panel doesn't work on the Visor Prism!!!!!
    It caused a "fatal error", I would reset, get another fatal error, etc. until I did a hard reset and wiped out my Prism.
    Fortunately I had done a back up on Thursday, so I wasn't totally screwed!
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