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    USB Hotsyncing stopped working for me more and more often the passed months, while Bluetooth worked. The new JAVOedge Retractable Cord I recently bought only charged my Treo, but syncing has never worked.

    This morning I spend many seconds, perhaps minutes thinking about this issue and then it dawned upon me. If it is not the software, not the Treo (BT Hotsync works), if it charges but does not sync and it is not the cable either (fiddling with it did not make a difference), then what is left?

    I studied the copper contact points in direct sunlight and after two years of using my Treo 650 the copper turned green and was full of dirt. This also explains why the errors were irregular.

    Scratching it away with a needle did the trick, keep that copper shiny! Clean it regularly.

    I am sorry for asking JAVOedge for a replacement, I should have thought of this myself. Or it should have been in their troubleshooting guide. Or in the MissingSync troubleshooting guide. Or on the Palm website. I did not check this forum by the way, although I wonder if would have found it.

    Interesting thing to learn was that JAVOedge retractable cable was more sensitive to the dirt and oxidation. Just pushing the Hotsync button on the JAVOedge cable would not activate Hotsync on the Treo, while the original Palm cable would.

    Please spread this knowledge, because I guess this problem will appear more often when more Treo 650s turn old. Hopefully all the keywords related to this problem are in this posting, so people can find this solution easily when searching. If you know some better words related to this, please add them in your comments.
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    Thank you so much for this post.
    I have just spent an hour wondering why I could not sync but after cleaning the contacts it worked!
    Thanks again!
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    What do you use to clean the contacts? Pencil eraser? Alcohol?
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    In threads . . . . I have always been suggesting. . . . . a SLIGHTLY damp Q-Tip with rubbing alcohol. . . . . .

    Cheers, Perry.

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