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    Hello TRgEOff!

    Thanks for testing! Yes you are right about the jagged lines. I will see what I can do. I also agree with you about 5-ways. I will concentrate on other more important features like saving to card and 320x480 version.

    I am sim addicts and I can tell you that you will LOVE Lunar Lander Simulator (guaranty!). I spent a year+ studying NASA documents about the Moon landing including the landing phase and the computer program used (an amazing achievement). You will also like the actual Apollo voice-over during the descent). Anyway try it and let me know what you thing. By the way I am jealous about you being inside a mockup of the lunar lander!!

    Take care.

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    Momob, we're back from our vacation. My kids spent a good 30 minutes with your app while waiting for our tour of the "Mammoth Cave" in Kentucky. They loved it (and therefore so did I). Being able to save & re-visit their "masterpieces" was a huge plus for them (though I, too, would like to see ability to save to sd card). From my kids' standpoint, the only thing they really wanted was colored pens, which I see you have already added in the latest release. Other than that, they asked about being able to change the size of the decorative "pens." Great work.

    [Edit: boy do I need spellcheck!]
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    Hello jaharr.

    What a great report! I am so glad the kids loved it. Yes I am working hard to being able to save to the card. The file should be regular Windows bitmaps so you could print them on printer or look at them on the PC screen. I will assume than most of us have a card (maybe i am wrong) and so (at least at the beginning) you will need a card to save the paintings (unlike now where the paintings are all saved on the device). Eventually I may add ability to save also on the device. What do you think?

    Thanks again for testing and reporting. I appreciate it very much.

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    Momob, I guess you're right. While most probably do have a card, you do not want the save feature to be useless to those without so you would need to have the option to save to either device or card.

    I hadn't even thought about being able to print the masterpieces -- I know my kids will love that.
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    Hello guys,

    Ok here version 0.5. Even so it looks like version 0.4 on the outside (UI) actually the app has been completely redone in order to allow saving the paintings to the card. Unfortunately it is not compatible with version 0.4. You will also need a card to save the paintings. I am hoping that future versions will allow you to save paintings on the device itself (for those who do not have an SD card).

    The good news (at least I hope it works) is that the paintings save to the card can be seen on the PC screen (the best way is to use a card reader to transfer the bitmaps). Once on the PC you can print them on your printer or even use of those services to print your child masterpiece on a t-shirt or mug! (if they are really good you can even make money on E-bay!!).

    It also has a better control when drawing with the colored pens (better lines drawings)

    Seriously, I hope you will get a chance to try this version. This is still an experimental version (ie: BACKUP YOUR DATA!!) so you may experience resets or hangs. So far It is stable for me (Treo 650 and TC and PC simulator).

    Look forward to your comments and suggestions!

    Thank you very much.

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    Thanks for the new version momob! I'll be trying it with my girls when they wake up...
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    Hello to all.

    Now here version 0.6 It has many new features/changes which I will try to summarize:

    1- You now can save to the internal memory in addition to the card (if any)

    2- You can delete a painting either from memory or from the card.

    3- All of the files saved have an extension ".bmp" attached to them. That way you can transfer and display on your PC if you like. I only tested files from the card.

    4- You can choose the background color of the convas. It used to be only white.

    5- The eraser is now on the main window instead of having to click on the brush palette first.

    6- When you try to clear a painting, the app will ask you to confirm first.

    7- Added 5-ways control for the splash screen

    To save a painting simply give a name and check that the pushbutton of the location you like is set correctly (internal or card). The default is "internal" memory

    To load/delete a painting, from the splash screen press "Load" and a new window will appear. Select the location (internal or card) and all the paintings saved will show up on the list. Click on one then either load or delete (if delete then a confirmation message will be shown)

    Once again I will really appreciate any feedback I can get. What will be helpful is to find out if the load/saving'delete of paintings works for both internal and card. The type of device you have (if you did not post it before).

    We are close to the release date for "Finger Painter 1.0"

    Thank you so much for your help and comments.


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    Thanks for this fun app! I look forward to every new feature...I can't wait to see how the finished product turns out!
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    Hi Mo

    love the new front page!

    ...and all the saving options, especially being able to delete from the app itself, good stuff!

    my only new suggestion is that when you choose a non-white background it would seem logical for the eraser to use the chosen colour, but on my system it is always white.

    keep up the great work!

    Treo 650 1.20 LAP.
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    @Christinac130: Thanks a lot. I hope Finger Painter 1.0 will be release soon!

    @TRgEOff: Hey thank you very much too. Glad you liked it. About the eraser: You are 100% right! very good point...I will take care of it in version 0.7!

    I really appreciate your feedback guys. It helps a lot.

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    Hi guys,

    You asked for it so here it is! Finger Painter landscape version (320x480). For now you need to change the DIA manually to get the full screen.

    I also made some changes on the picking of pen colors, size and brush types. The goal is to reduce as much possible the number of clicks for painting on the canvas. Finally, I hope the list of paintings (when looking at the internal memory) will no longer show some other files like Blazer saved pages. Let me know if you still see them.

    That's it for now. I am going to release version 0.7 for Palm 160x160 and 320x320 very soon. You can use this version on a Treo (600/650/700p/680) but you will be missing the right side of the canvas border.

    Let me know what you think.

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    Hi guys,

    1- I found a bug when trying to "clear" the canvas if the color is not white (default). I also tried to make the app open to large screen (landscape mode) when launching a new painting (when you press new on the splash screen). I hope it works. I do not have a large screen Palm but it seems to work on the PC simulator. So here version 0.71 LS attached.

    2- I also attached 0.71 for Treo and Palm with 160x160 and 320x320 screen size.

    **Please remember that 0.71 LS version is for large screen Palm/Zodiac only. If you have a small screen Palm use the regular version (0.71)


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    Found yet another bug on the landscape version (320x480). The saving of the painting was producing a larger file size than normal (200K versus ~ 96K!!). It is not too tragic when saving to the card but the memory device would have fill up very quickly!

    So here version 0.72 LS. The small screen version is fine.

    Sorry about that and thank you for your support.

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    momob, that is very cool! The problem is, my girls are always takin' off with my Treos now...I find myself having to use my daughter's phone while she's in school if I want to make a call.

    I guess that's a testament to how much they love you're app!
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    Hello Christinac130,

    Ha ah!! Very sorry about that! (oh not really ). I really appreciate your kind words and I am so happy that you daughter like the app. It was not clear to me when I started this project, but I am glad I stuck with it (with of course your help and others).

    Thank you.


    ps: Finger Painter will be release very soon as a shareware. So stay tune...
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    Quote Originally Posted by momob View Post
    Hi guys,2- I also attached 0.71 for Treo and Palm with 160x160 and 320x320 screen size.Enjoy!Mo.
    Hi Mo,

    ah you fixed the eraser too! good one- and I like the new pen tool palette.

    I have also had a few younger testers give their approval,

    many thanks

    Treo 650 1.20 LAP.
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    Good deal! Glad they like it. Thank you for the suggestion about the eraser!

    Take care.

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    Hello to all.

    Ok here possibly the last beta test version before the big release. Version 0.81 and 0.81LS (for large screen) have the following changes:

    1- New app icon

    2- A little bit of cleaning up (for the big day!)

    3- Now "remembers" the brush, pen size and pen color even after you leave the app.

    4- Remembers also the last save location (card or device). That way you can simply type a name (or nothing and the painting will save as ".bmp") and the app will save all the paintings at the same location until you change it.

    5- Add limited 5-ways control (start new painting, clear painting...) Maybe will have more complete later.

    Since this maybe the last beta version, I would really appreciate your help in testing it and report any issues. If the issues are not major then look for it as a release version in a few days. Also attach the user manual (as if you needed it!!!)

    ** Please 0.81LS if you have a large screen Palm/Zodiac (320x480 landscape mode)

    Thank you guys for the great ride!



    ps: Of course this is not the end of Finger Painter dev, there is more to come (like different size brushes for instance...) I just think that it is time to release version 1.0
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    I picked up Finger Painter v1.0 at mytreo, I'll let you know how it goes It should be fine, right?
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    Absolutely! Here also a link to the release message i just posted it. Yes Finger Painter 1.0 has been released!!! Thanks to people like you and others who took the time to help me out. You guys rock!


    ps: Also attached is the latest version (release 1.0)
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