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    Suddenly when I use the find function (Control key plus Shift key), I get no response at all. I know each key works in other combinations, so it doesn't seem to be anything mechanical. Any explanation?
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    I didnt know that function existed - so thanks for that. Look at it this way...your loss is my gain? That should make you feel better about it. Sorry, I dont have anything more helpful to offer than that.
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    do a soft reset. that clears it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ekerbuddy View Post
    do a soft reset. that clears it.
    You've got to be kidding. You don't imagine I did ten resets if I did one? No, it resolved all by itself at the end of the day with no apparent explanation. If I were DIG though I'd check to see whether, in fact, he still has it now that it's with me again. It might be a matter of subatomic spin at a distance.
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    whether I still have what...??
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    Do you feel you lost it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdavis View Post
    Do you feel you lost it?
    Maybe, but I am sure it'll be back...
    stupid string theory.

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