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    If you've been living in a cave or without access to news/internet/tv, etc for the past few weeks....the Palm OS SlingPlayer public beta is availble. It works on the 650 as long as you have Kinoma 4 loaded (it takes advantage of the Kinoma audio and video codecs that come pre-installed on the 680 and 700). Works acceptably across EDGE data connections and has an option for audio only. Here's the link:

    Sling on video lovers, Sling on.
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    True, but as far as I know nobody has posted it in the 650 hardware forum because it is not "generally supposed to work" on the 650. The solution was discovered this past weekend and many 650 users are now happily Slinging.
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    the only bad thing is no phone calls while streaming right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by o_town_racer View Post
    If you've been living in a cave.
    I DID just get out of a cave and even I know about it, thanks to the SlinxBox.
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    Quote Originally Posted by e2chris View Post
    the only bad thing is no phone calls while streaming right?
    On the 700p, calls interrupt the stream.
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    As do text messages....
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    Yes, any incoming messages or calls will halt the Slinging. There is no difference between watching a slung video or surfing the are simply using the data connection, and the 650 cannot handle simultaneous data and calls/messages. Your calls will come through, then you'd have to re-connect to the SlingBox. I was in ATL last week waiting for a flight and watched my SB video for almost an hour straight. It really works fine even over EDGE. The only trouble I had was when some guy on a Blackberry decided to make some calls just across from me. His phone caused enough interference to degrade the data connection and the video went all stop and go....but it was almost time for the flight anyway. Oh...since you'll have the screen on constantly, the data connection running, and the CPU cranking, you'd best have the Treo plugged in to a power source if you are planning on watching a stream for a significant amount of time.

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