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    I submitted a ticket to Dataviz' support site to report an extreme lag while navigating with SmartList to Go and this was their response:

    My Support Cases > Case# 56656-60258 (Opened 4/4/2007) System Info
    OS: Windows XP
    Handheld: Palm Treo 700 P

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    Hello, peter
    Registration number: 6888077-3401
    Product: SmartList To Go Version 3.0030 (English)

    Case Summary: Accessing databases is slow

    Posted by:
    DataViz Support
    on 4/4/2007
    at 12:49 PM EST

    Dear Peter,

    The Treo 700p has a known lag issue that Palm Inc plans to address in an upcoming ROM update. This update should be released soon, and is supposed to address lag issues when opening applications, switching applications, and accessing databases.

    One thing you can verify is that you have version 3.003 of SmartList To Go installed on the handheld device so that we know you are running the latest versoin.

    If you have any further questions in regards to this submission, please reply. If you have a question unrelated to this submission you will need to open a new case. All cases are tracked and need to be treated separately for proper troubleshooting. Please click the Close Case button at the top of the screen after confirming thefix, and you have no further questions regarding this submission.

    We provide one-to-one support via phone or e-mail to registered or trial (demo) customers using the latest version of our software.
    As of June 14, 2004 we modified the support policy and those customers who choose to take advantage of one-to-one support via the phone will be charged a $19.99 fee per incident. There will be no charge for callsrelated to FIRST-TIME installation/ initial setup.
    ***Registered and trial customers at the latest version of our software are still entitled to free one-to-one support via e-mail.***
    Customers at non-current versions of oursoftware do not have access to one-to-one support unless they upgrade to the current version.

    DataViz Technical Support

    Posted By:
    peter dieduardo
    at 12:21 PM EST
    Error happening on: Handheld
    Synching with: Not Applicable

    Problem Description:
    Hi , I have recently upgraded from a Treo 650p to the 700p Verizon. I have noticed that Smartlist is running much slower on my 700; it may take 5-6 seconds to access a page within a particular List. It also takes longer to navigate within the smartlist. Is there an upgrade for this product or has there been an issue with the NVFS in the 700?
    Thanks again.

    I sure hope this update comes soon...
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    I use Smartlist to go and have a 700p I have no lag in sync or opening the program.

    Dataviz is full of crap anyways, Smartlist syncs with Access 2007, but they can't figure out how to make Docs to go sync with Office 2007. They are blaming palm on their website saying Hotsync can't handle it, well it works fine with Access.

    Now someone can flame me and tell me the difference between programs and that is fine, but Quickoffice already supports Vista and I am about ready to switch.

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    Interesting that they've done 2 full "upgrades" to Docs to Go in 6 months but nothing to SmartList in over a year.
    Anyway, its interesting to see Dataviz fault Palm for the "known issue" Either way, I am anxious to see a fix. It also appears that many users on this forum are quite anxious to see a firmware update for the 700p and perhaps post such as this might foment the process.
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