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    Anyone else experiences this problem? The issue happens on the Treo 680 if the user soft resets the device (by pulling out the battery or letting the battery run out) when the password prompt screen is in the foreground. After the devices restarts and the password prompt screen is displayed, when the user tries to enter a password, block/garbage characters show up and they cannot get past the security screen. Thus, they can not get into the device.
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    I am having the same issue, it started about 2 weeks after i got the device. I'm having a hard time narrowing down the issue. Do you/your user have Goodlink Mobile Messaging installed on the device?
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    This has happened on a couple of devices that I support. We do use Good Mobile Messaging. I've been able to get back to normal by following these steps:

    - Perform a warm reset (battery out, hold up arrow until 2nd logo)
    - Enter password
    - Go to Security & turn off the password (unless Good forces it, then you won't be able to do this)
    - Soft reset (battery out)
    - Back to Security & turn PW back on
    - Soft reset again

    I had to go through this sequence twice yesterday before it worked.

    Also, there may be a relationship with how the password is set. It seemed to happen more frequently (but not every time) if the PW is set to be enabled on power off as opposed to at a certain interval. Not sure about this part. I also read a post elsewhere that said the user had no 3rd party software on the device and this was occurring; however, Good has a link on their support page of their website saying the client will resolve.

    Cingular/Palm both claim this is a "known issue":
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    Dlukas is right - resolves the issue.

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