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    So tonight I was looking to add a plug-in to the ZLauncher menu bar and noticed i could also add an app. My selection of apps included 2 Camera apps. So I checked ZLaunchers built in File Manager and it shows 2 Camera apps. The first called Capture-Kept, shown filed in the Multimedia tab. This is the one that is shown as the actual useable app. The second is called Capture_Loader-CpLo, shown filed in the Unfiled tab. This one does not show up when browsing apps. Is this some sort of craziness left over from the Camera Updater for the 680?
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    If you're showing ROM and RAM apps, you'll certainly see this, as it just puts the updated Camera application in ram.

    Otherwise, from the names it sounds like perhaps two pieces of the camera app, perhaps one is the viewer.

    Don't worry about it..

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