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    In Bestbuy and they have the 4.0 gig for $59 this mismarked?
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    I hope so. I bought an 8GB card about a month ago for $30.
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    Nah, retail B&M prices are always higher. You can get an 8gb SDHC card at Newegg or Zipzoomfly for much less than what the retail stores want for a 4gb card.

    But in all fairness, that's a decent price for a 4gb SDHC card from a reliable retail outlet and it DOES include a USB 2.0 Micromate reader/writer. That would be good for someone without access to a credit card for purchasing things online, for example.

    Do note that the 4gb card in question is an SDHC card and that's NOT compatible with the 700p without using an unofficial, unsupported hack. To get 4gb on a 700p you'd have to either hack the Treo 680's driver onto it (the 680 is the only Treo to date natively supporting SDHC) or else go with a non-spec 4gb SD 1.1 card (the kind Jeff Hawkins uses).
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    Its not a misprint, it was in the Sunday ad here too.
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    Bought one, LOVE it. 4GB of music goodness on my 700P

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