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    I'm thinking of getting a Treo as it seems to be the best bet as far as syncing with my PowerBook G4. I've been reading about advantages and disadvantages and so forth, but I haven't run into any specific information about average costs.

    I'll be using the Treo on Verizon, and I would guess usage would be:

    mostly phone, 80% local, 20% national
    address book and calendar syncing
    very little web-related stuff, although if the cost isn't off the scale, I might like the ability to check my email
    I will use the camera

    Can anyone give me an idea of what it would cost monthly to run the Treo? The Verizon website is not clear on this. No surprise there.
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    Was with verizon switched to cingular, Costs were very close, but we got a better family plan with Cing(5 phones) Also my 680 syncs perfect with my mac and missing sync, verizon or whatever service provider will have no impact on synching.
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    I'm averaging about $95/month with the America's Choice 900 plan $60 (+ 22% rate discount), 250 text & camera messaging $5, $1 ringback tones, data plan $45.99 (+20% dscount on data plan) plus taxes.

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