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    My first post here. I just returned to a Treo after a couple years away from a pda (was T3 user).

    Before I was a big fan of Agendus and still am, and just noticed this great deal I thought I would share.

    This may be a typo on their part, so you may want to jump on it. According to my account when I logged into iambic, I was able to upgrade from the standard Agendus to the new Agendus Premier for only $9.95, which not only got me the top Agendus product, but also Agendus Mail. This is like a $40 package normally.
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    Funny I paid $24 just last night for premier, I had previously owned Agendus Pro 8... Maybe it was too old a version for the good deal?

    Funny thing I noticed with Agendus Premier is it includes an old version of Agendus Mail SSL.. Being version 5.25 instead of theh new 5.31, you can download the 5.31 demo and install that and it picks up the licence fine, but pretty poor for their 'premier' product..

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