Hi all,

This is for a 700P on Sprint if it matters...

At my office we have a shared network drive... H:
When I work from home, I connect through a VPN and am mapped and have full access to that same H: drive.
Are there specific backup files or portions of the Palm Desktop software that I can have placed on the H: drive so that I'd be able to work at either home or office and edit my contacts/calendar/memos etc and hotsync with the changes being centralized in that one place... the H: drive. So that there are no "gaps" between syncing in one place or another.
I looked a bit into LanSyncing but I can't access other PCs over this VPN by name (think NetBIOS or something is not setup) or even ping them so I can't just have my office desktop be the primary, plus I'm not thrilled about needing it to be up and running all the time. I think all I can access is the server. Installing the Palm software on the server itself is probably not going to be an option with IT...
Any suggestions?

Will all this be a moot issue if they grant me IMAP access on the Exchange server so that contacts, tasks and everything are synced on the fly with my 700P, then I can just leave the wired hotsyncing for the office?