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    Have had my 680 for just over a month know and the only 3rd party software I use is TCPMP. As of the past 2 weeks or so, when I make a call (land line or cell, dosn't matter) 95% of the time the following happens and it's driving me crazy!

    I'll dial a number...the phone rings 4-6 times and then dropped, it doesn't ever get to VM. I use this primarily for work/ setting appointments and not being able to leave messages with a client is starting to really get annoying. Could it be my phone or service (Cingular)?

    When I got the phone (upgraded from a T/X / Razr) I did a clean install from the CD, renaming my backup folder, etc. Did the camera update and then the battery drain to help extend charge life. Never been dropped, left in a hot car, left in the rain, etc. Again, when I first got the phone this wasn't an issue, just within the past few weeks this has started!

    Any ideas?
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    I'd say check your sim chip or speak to the carrier. It does not sound like a palm problem to me.
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    on the main menu, press the drop down menu button. then go to "call preferences". check to see if your calls are set to forward to voicemail.
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    Did you ever figure this out? I'm seeing the same issue with my 680: I make an outgoing call, it rings several times, but it never goes to voicemail (assuming the person I'm calling doesn't pick up first).

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