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    Here's the thing...

    I bought tomtom nav 6 and installed the cd to my computer, then connected my treo through the usb port. Well, the tomtom program does not recognize that I have a 'device' hooked up to my computer. I have restarted my computer...soft reset my treo. I am all out of ideas...granted there wasnt much to start with. I have an extra 1g sd card...but have no idea how to put the programs on the sd card in order for it to work on my phone.

    I welcome any suggestions.
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    You need to use a Card Reader to install the software

    Do a search for tomtom and u will find some guides to it
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    I have a sd card slot in my laptop. I have attempted to install tomtom directly onto the sd card that way. After installation onto the sd card...i insert the card into my phone, and nothing shows up. help some mo please...
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    That should work. When you insert the card into the Treo, it should automatically start Nav6. What do you see when you insert the card?
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    Nothing comes up. When opening up 'applications' on my treo and selecting my sd card from the drop down list, nothing shows up. Its as if i have a blank sd card. But when i put the sd card back in my computer...the installed tomtom files are present. I am sure it is something that I am missing. So embarassed from my treo lack of knowledge.
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    I assume you used Tomtom Home to install to the SD. When you open Tomtom Home with the SD in the reader and select Install to Tomtom, do you see a column with a tab for Tomtom CD and a column with the name of your SD card? The SD card should show both the application and any maps you have installed. If that is all good, then what files do you have in the root of your SD? I have CurrentMap.dat,, ttdesk.ver, ttnavigator.bif. Also directories for each map and one named Tomtom. In the Palm directory, there should be start.prc as well.

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