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    Hi folks:

    I have an adventure ahead of me. I received a new laptop from work, and am moving my 700p from the old machine to the new machine.

    I am looking for the easiest way to do this. I have in the past used the CD that came with an old T600, and it loaded a bunch of garbage on to my T600 and over wrote files when I did the hot sync for the first time, when the disk prompts you to connect the phone. I want to avoid this problem with the 700p.

    I have multiple conduits, which include:

    File Transfer by palm
    Pilot Install
    Sprint PCS connection manager
    Backup buddy
    Fairuse wizard
    PdaNet for the 700p
    Pocket Tunes.

    I also have Backup Buddy VFS, that backs up the 700p to the SD Card.

    I have searched the forums, and really did not come up with a sound method/clean method to do this.

    I went up to the palm site, and looked at the detail up there, and have goggled numerous sites for suggestions.

    Some say run the set up disk (but that always wants to re sync the phone at some point), and then copy over the old palm directory from the old PC to the new machine.

    Can I install Hot sync Manager, and Palm Desktop, with out the initial hot sync, move the palm directory over to the new PC, install the programs with conduits, and then set up Hot sync to move the phone data to the PC.

    P.S. I am using Outlook as my email/calender client.

    Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated.
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    As far as I know you just need to reinstall the desktop software (i.e. Palm Desktop and PDAnet) again and sync your Palm. No need to move the Palm directory becuase the files are on your Palm.
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    There is a lot more to it. For example I don't want to load the programs the default CD make you load. I also have a bunch of conduits that I need to continue to use.

    By the way both computers are XP
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    There is the option to skip the hot sync during the installation of the CD...
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    some of those programs with conduits may need to be installed on the new machine because they go into your PC's registry.
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    Also, if you skip the hotsync step during installation you can go into your conduits and make the handheld over write the desktop. That way you can be sure to get your information over to your desktop.
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    I recently just got a new pc as well and I thought it was best to just start over. They only thing I needed was the information that I wrote, ex. contacts, calendars, memos, splashID info, etc. I made sure those things were on the new pc before i wiped everything out. Cuz everything else can just be re-installed.

    Did a hard reset on the phone.

    Downloaded Desktop from Palm support and installed. Synced, and installed other programs and conduits as necessary. Now it feels like my treo is new again!

    The whole process took about half and hour.
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    Unfortunately, if you don't use the software that came with the phone, you might not get what you are supposed the media options. The software from Palm is generic; the software that came with the device is specifically made for your phone. Unfortunately it includes some bloatware, but that is easily hidden and can be ignored (obfuscate).
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    Thanks for the input folks. I bit the bullet, and completed the project. The process that I followed was to install the Desktop, and Hot sync software. The I copied over my palm folder ftom the old machine. I installed the all the software with conduits, and then Hot synced. Worked like a charm.
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    I have a similar problem to the originator of this thread. However, I have successfully moved my palm treo 650 from our windows XP desktop computer to my new windows vista laptop. Everything is fine except Back up Buddy. I downloaded a new back up buddy so that I had the latest version on the desktop. I then loaded the update to the new laptop, and of course, this didn't work. I actually need the program on the new machine, but I do not know what files I need to move. In addition, there is a complication because I use Chapura conduits on the desktop, but chapura is not compatible with Windows vista, so I just want to use the Outlook conduits on the laptop. I'm clearly over my head. I just want back up buddy to work on the laptop. Any help that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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