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    OK, I'm using Vista and I know that Palm's Quick Install isn't compatible.

    So, Palm suggests several "work arounds" that are fine, except if an app has a .exe file. In this case, Palm suggests installing Quick Install on a XP or 2000machine, and load the app from that machine, but cautions that when you sync, it will sync with that computer.

    So, I assume that if I do this, I should just then sync with my Vista machine and it will have the info back the way it was before I sync'd on the XP machine??

    Sorry for my ignorance but before I "try" something, I would like to know what may happen!

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    Run the .exe on the w2k/wxp pc then look in the install folder of the user in the palm(one) directory and copy the .prc/.pdb and install the regular way. No need to sync.
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