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    I have been searching for this all day long so decided to ask the forum: does anybody know of an application that can serve the following functions:

    1. Countdown Timer
    2. Alarm Clock with Configurable alarms
    3. Fully Supports Silent Mode - i.e. in silent mode any events will vibrate instead of just be silent.
    4. Medium sized (< 500K) - This is Optional, but preferred.

    I used to use BigClock but got sick of missing alarms if my treo was in silent mode. I can actually hear if my Treo vibrates on my nightstand and am used to leaving it in silent mode a lot.

    Can anyone refer me to anythign that will fit the bill? I have tried PalmaryClock (its a great app) but it is just too large.
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    I too used PalmaryClock, but it can't vibrate my 700p. I just tried 2PlayMe from, it seems promising, small and cheap, maybe a little confusing setup, but I think it'll do what you're looking for.
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    mobileclock does the first three. I'm not sure how big it is.

    a fairly popular app for many on treo central.
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    What about Butler for Alarms, and there's several free options for countdown timers.

    1TouchTimer and TeaPot are two I use.

    Butler most definately works in vibrate-only mode, however 1TouchTimer does not seem to, nor TeaPot. But do you need a countdown timer to work on vibrate? I suppose it could be useful. There are others, but these are the two I've kept for myself.

    You could look on the freeware palm or palm open source sites for timers, and just give them a try.

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