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    I have a sprint 700p and seem to have some sort of software corruption with it. I load it up with my programs and it works fine for several days then all of the sudden if I click on a certain app it resets. It varies on which app this will happen on and sometimes affects more than one app. I remove that app and reinstall and it is fine for a few days then does it again on the same app or even a different app. I have HR several times and loaded apps one at a time and since it does not happen right away I don't know what is causing it. I called Sprint and they had me do master reset and it still happens. Sprint recommended I goto a repair facility and have them "reflash the rom".

    Does that make sense?

    Will this even help?

    I have TEP, what would you do??

    This is very frustrating because I have apps I want to load onto it but am scared that a couple days from now it will screw up. I am backing up with Resco and am able to restore but still is very frustrating
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    What programs do you have installed?
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    Sometimes resets can occur if you do things too quickly. For example, if, during a lag (caused by network searching) you press the call button repeatedly, you can cause a crash. You can also cause a crash if you try to make a phone call at the same time you are turning on your BlueTooth headset. (I did these both, so I know).
    Best advice is to 'baby' the Treo, that is, don't be impatient during lags, etc.
    Good luck!

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