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    My Treo 700p can do things no other phone can touch. It has a few quirks, but nothing that makes me want to get rid of it. If I DID want to get rid of it for some reason, I just WOULD, taking it upon myself to correct my situation. Whether that be by warranty replacement due to faulty operation, carrier replacement due to performance problems, or eBay sale because I don't like the way it works. Making some lawyer rich isn't my idea of solving ANYthing.

    Just my $.02.
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    I'm with you there. I have had hiccups, but they were due to 3rd party apps for the most part. I am loaded up with apps and running zlauncher, and doing some pretty cutting edge things with this phone and it is solid 95% of the time.

    I know a lot of folks are having problems, but I really don't think there's a case here. I would be surprised if it had any traction.

    That said, you suck Palm for not yet releasing the update.
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    Im in for sure.
    I have a bone stock treo, I use their versamail program which by the way is the cause of lags when I have tested mine.
    I also have used a sony HBH bluethooth headset with the treo 650 that worked fine and with the 700p it resets my phone. So I purchased a Palm 700p approved motorola H700C headset and it only connects part of the time, still resets the phone, sometimes on an incoming call like merlyn. It is better than the sony and I would recommend this headset to the bluetooth problem sufferers but it still has not corrected the problem

    This is my second 700p. Palm as well as sprint customer service would not do anything to fix the first one. Spent hours in the sprint store to no avail and then hours on the phone trying to get a brand new one instead of refurb. After threatening to leave sprint they sent me a new one only to have the same problems. Thats when i really did my own testing to find out that the lag was something with versamail, and the resets were bluetooth.

    Do you think even though I am still under Palm and sprints 1 year warranty with the new one then sent me, would refund my money due to a faulty factory phone? I doubt it.
    So I am in for sure.

    Either fix the phone, give me my money back, or give me the 755P when it comes out and we will try again. And if it doesnt work Im done with Palm for sure.
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    Honestly, thats what they should do give everyone thats has problems with their treo the new 755p.
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