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    I have a few questions on the Softick Audio Gateway software that I tried searching for, but couldn't find.

    1. If I buy that software and a BT headset, would I be able to listen to internet radio that is played on my T680 in pTunes? Not just music....?

    2. If I buy a BT adaptor for my PC, would I be able to use the BT headset, which I have yet to buy, as a microphone for my PC? I'm a virtual air traffic controller, and I would love to be not tied down to my PC when I'm controlling. Would it take the place of the pink mic jack in the back of my PC?

    3. Are there any BT EARphones? If not, can someone recommend a BT headset that is BIG? I have a size 9 head, and would be worried that headphones I buy would not be big enough for me...
    Does anyone have the Sony HBH-DS970 BT Headset? If so, do you like it, and if I understand correctly, you basically just have something that hangs around your neck??

    Thanks very much,

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