Talk about doofus moves! I did this back in September, and forgot to post the update. Doh! Well, better late than never I guess.

  • Added a new Drill mode to concentrate practice on certain types of hands.

    A new Actions menu choice, "Drill Mode", presents four (4) options: "All Cards, No Drill", "Splits Only", Soft Hands Only", and "Hard Hands Only". If any of the modes other than No Drill are selected, a small label appears on the main screen, and the behavior of the players initial hand are as follows:

    Splits: 1st card comes from deck, next card is just a duplicate of this one, not from the deck. Further split possibilities are by chance only.

    Soft: Draws 1st card from deck, if ace draw next one normally. If 1st card is NOT ace, put in fake ace (not from deck) for 2nd card. Take all remaining cards, including aces, from deck normally. This mode will also naturally tend to produce lots of bogus Blackjacks!

    Hard: Skip all drawn aces. If 2nd card is duplicate of 1st, ignore until a different one is reached.
    The Drill Mode is saved from one session to the next until you change it. Obviously, these drill modes mess with the "randomness" of the cards since some cards are fakes not drawn from the shoe. So it'd be best to ignore your "luck" in winning or losing in this case. It's meant to be a practice mode to see if you can quickly make the right plays in a certain area that may be harder to remember than others (like soft doubling, etc).
  • Added some simple statistics to track correct basic strategy play. Tallies are kept for total number of decision opportunities (plays) for splits, soft hands, hard hands, and total. Incorrect counts for each instance and type are kept as well, regardless of whether you have the preference selected to warn on bad play. You can view the current stats by selecting "Show Stats" from the Action menu. You can reset these to 0 while viewing the stats, or select "Reset Stats" from the Action menu. Stats are also reset when you select and confirm "New Game" from the menu. Stats are retained when you exit the application and reloaded when you return.

  • Added Some buttons on New Game/Change Bet screen to increment/decrement bet by $5 or $10.
  • Fix for Up and Down rocker on 5-Way navs not working on play action & tables screens.
  • Fixed for spurious negative signs in display of cash amounts like $-999 to $-100 and $-999,999 to $-100,000.