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    Discovered something weird with my new 680. When you connect the usb cable, it immediately creates a connection with the pc (or a mac). With the 650, the connection is only established when you actually hotsync. Furthermore, when you do hotsync with the 680, the existing usb connection is dropped and immediately re-established at the start of the hotsync, and again at the end of the hotsync. Anyone else noticed this? I wonder if its got something to do with being the same hardware platform as a Windows Mobile model, and that uses ActiveSync, which does have a constant USB connection.

    Started looking at this because I get the odd kernel panic on macos just after a hotsync finishes. Wondering whether it's because of the quick usb disconnect/reconnect.
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    I have the sasme question - my old 650 was consistent, it connected on hotsynch and then disconnected. My 680 gives me the USB "connect up-bloop" sound (from both the PC and Treo), and then the "down-bloop", and occasionally throughout connection.

    At first I thought it was the cradle with a bad connection, but I've satisfied myself that the connection's stable because of multiple successful hotsynchs, it's just the strange connection activity that disconcerts me.
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    Yes, I'm not sure it's supposed to be like this. If there's been a change so that the usb connection is constant, why does it disconnect/reconnect at the start and end of each hotsync? Doesn't make much sense...
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    My PC sees the Palm as a USB device and establishes a connection as soon as it is plugged in, which I think is what you are describing. I thought maybe it had something to do with PTunes, because I can sync with PTune at any time now.
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    yes it's ptunes
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    Interesting thought, but I've been doing some testing and I don't think it's ptunes. ptunes has a Prefs menu "Copy from PC Prefs". On the 650 this has a Communications option which can be off, Legacy or MTP. If it's set to Legacy, then sure enough a USB connection is established as soon as you cradle the 650, but ONLY IF PTUNES IS RUNNING. If ptunes isn't running you still only get a USB connection when you hotsync.

    On the 680 the Communications option can only be Off or Legacy (I'm using V3.1.8 on both platforms). Even if it's Off, the 680 creates a USB connection as soon as you cradle it, regardless of whether ptunes is running or not. Interestingly, if you set it to legacy and have ptunes running when you cradle it, a USB connection is established, destroyed and re-established! The second one I guess is ptunes doing.

    But overall I'd say the 680 automatically establishes the USB connection independent of ptunes, and I'm still at a loss to explain why exactly.

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