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    NOTICE: This post has been censored without my permission!

    I know I have already posted this before....but this sucks, that they would leave out the Mac users.


    4.0 is only out for the WIN PC platform. The Mac version is still the same 3.3.

    Mac users please email this person and tell AvantGo how you feel about it.
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    I'm more annoyed that Palm/Handspring doesn't have a Mac OS X Desktop yet. Perhaps AvantGo is waiting for that before releasing a Mac conduit update.
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    Originally posted by timmins
    People still use the Mac? wow...
    Mac users are more loyal toward their systems than Pieces of Crap. =)
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    Who cares about market share?

    My dual 500 G4 will beat the crap out of any Windows based PC!

    Market share.....Geeeee.....opps was that a blue screen of death? Nope, I don't own a Wintel piece of sh*t!

    With regards to your friend at AvantGo. I have removed her phone number but left her email address.
    I feel its important for people in the corporate world to get feedback from their users. Good and bad.
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    Originally posted by timmins
    I could care less what your Apple does to my PC as long as my needs are met on a daily basis and the cost of parts remains somewhat sane.
    Only if you're building yourself. Otherwise you get asinine price along with very limited upgradeability. In fact, considering what you get, you get the quality you pay for with a mac. Have you opened up a gateway, compaq, or dell? Or are you and your buddies just reading this for a good laugh and you actually have nothing productive to post other than market share?
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    I missed the direct contact info somehow the first time. Do not post personal contact information for other users (be they Handspring, AvantGo, or whomever). Only use contact information that the company provides.

    As for the tired Mac vs. PC debate, I will say the same thing that I tell people that ask me which handheld to get: get what you need. I personally use both a Mac and PC, and they are both good platforms, but neither can be all things to all people.
    James Hromadka, TreoCentral Editor
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    [i] No offense, you could discuss how loyal you are to Macintosh and I would never see eye to eye with you.

    Yes. That's why I have a Mac. I'm using an 8500 Power PC that runs 9.1 and leaves the ComPaq at work (brand new) in the dust.
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    Whoa...joshieca...that kind of attitude isn't going to win over ANYONE to start developing for the Mac platform.

    I do agree with you, companies should publish software for the USER not the platform, but you also need to 'ask nicely' when companies forget to do that!

    Keep in mind that Avantgo is a free service. It is understandable that the Windows version comes out long as they remember the Mac user, and, hopefully the *nix users as well.

    What REALLY upsets me is when companies just plain FORGET about the other platforms. For a LONG time, Mac users could not use Audible. OK, I can live with that, but, on top of that, they decided not to make their web site work on a Mac. I even had a back-and-forth conversation with them regarding that. They could not understand why their web site should work for Mac users. (For the record, I just wanted info on their product so I could buy it as a gift...oh well, they lost a customer I guess...)

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    Well well, having been on the Mac platform for about 10 years now and also owning PC's there's a couple of things to keep in mind:
    1. I can truly give you a long list of the benefits of the Mac over the PC, and, an equally long list of the benefits of the PC environment over the Mac.
    2. Some of us work for companies that are on the Mac (such as publishing and graphics) and have to use the environment.
    3. The Mac user tends to spend a little more money for their equipment, and, their dollars spent for PDA's and accessories are the same as anyone elses, but, it can get really frustrating when all the good, newest stuff comes out supporting Pc's first and then Mac later. A good example is Wordsmith, which was a $29.99 waste of money for me over the past sever months until they came out with a Mac conduit, and even then, you have to save Word files as RTF's.

    and, lastly,

    4. You can never really count on your machine being bigger, faster, meaner, better than anyone elses because there's always a bigger, faster, meaner machine being designed / built at any one moment in time.

    Like they say, a one-year old computer is older than a 20 year-old aircfraft.

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    DAY 6 and still no word from AvantGo.

    As for homer's post. I am not trying to win anyone to develop for the Mac platform. Frankly I have all the applications I need and those will continue to be updated because graphics, video, and multimedia is what the Mac does better then any WINTEL system.

    Frankly I could give a sh*t if AvantGo updates their client for the Mac. If they want ME as a MAC user to click on their ad's and make THEM money then they will update their client software.

    What I was and still am upset about is that they posted information about their software update, their wireless options, and etc., and didn’t even give consideration to the millions of Mac PDA users out there. And to this date I have had ZERO response from AvantGo as to why and/or if they will be updating the Mac client.

    Sometimes the only way to get a point across to someone is shove the information down their throats. If Mac users don’t voice their concerns, then company’s will continue to overlook the “other” platforms.

    - josh
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    timmins, joshieca:

    Stop your silly bickering. You are both spewing opinions, not relevant facts. That's fine, of course, this IS a forum, but the old Mac vs. PC argument is an old, tired, pointless debate...
    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
    -David Byrne
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    thanks homer...
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    timmins, you seem a little anxious to hear my reply. So here you go.

    I looked at the price of upgrading my mother's machine when she got a new computer. I would've been able to keep the motherboard and hard drive. I would've had to get more RAM, a newer processor, modem, LAN card, 32MB video card, cable modem, and software. The price of those plus having someone put it together for me (I've just started doing it myself) far exceeded the cost of the iMac I decided to go with (around $250 all said and done). I could've gone with Dell, Gateway, HP, etc. and gotten screwed with regard to software and included functionality. Last I checked Windows didn't include text and voice recognition software. I have yet to see a Windows machine with an included mic. I haven't seen one with Harmon Kardon speakers, either. Harmon Kardon made the speakers I bought for my stereo, and I have to admit, when I found out they were included with my mac, I was impressed. Oh sure, I can make a windows machine do all that, but at an extra cost. You find yourself enjoying your Windows machine? That makes me feel all warm and cuddly inside. My mac does everything I need it to do at a cheaper cost than a similarly equipped win machine. Whatever strokes your poke, I guess.

    I was just more interested to hear if you were actually going to stick this argument out, or claim that you were just doing it for the laughs when you decided you couldn't argue anymore.
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    You got your thread.
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    I'm not sure how things work on a Mac, but I'm a Linux user and I'm able to use the new AvantGo software even without official support. I extracted the prc files from the Windows installer (requires Windows machine or emulator, or someone willing to send them to you *wink*) and then manually installed them on my VPL. Then I continued to use malsync and it synced my channels just fine.

    malsync is a command line tool for syncing AvantGo under Linux (and other platforms). I'm wondering if you can install the new prc files on your Visor and then continue to use the sync software already on your Mac.

    Anyway, good luck getting official support. We Linux guys want similar recognition.
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