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    damn this mac and pc battle. whats so great with avantgo 4 anyways? besides ppl u guys have a visor man you can't upgrade the OS its just like a mac!!!! so lighten up. As forthe mac user thats all argueing, man you make us mac ppl look bad.
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    Originally posted by dvd
    damn this mac and pc battle. whats so great with avantgo 4 anyways? besides ppl u guys have a visor man you can't upgrade the OS its just like a mac!!!! so lighten up. As forthe mac user thats all argueing, man you make us mac ppl look bad.
    The wounds are just starting to heal from this discussion here at VC. Don't drag us through it again.

    I've decided to become enigmatic.
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    Heh Heh... Bickering.

    I'm also interested in new version support for Mac. This is important to those of us who use both PC and Mac and want to sync AvantGo from both platforms.

    I won't be troubling AvantGo. I appreciate their free service. It's just a matter of time before it's available.
    "The Greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance -- it is the illusion of knowledge." -- Daniel Borstin
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    I just downloaded vers 4 for the mac from the avantgo web site and installed, resynced and it works.

    Have fun!
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    I, too, installed version 4 from my Mac. I also installed the wireless option, which works with a landline modem as well. I don't really see what this offers, other than access to all channels not just installed channels. Am I missing something?

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    Maybe I am missing something, but I never noticed, during installation, a wireless option. After using Avantgo, I got a welcome screen on my paltinum informing me of the wireless option, but that I needed a more up to date version of Avantgo (mine is v4.0 Build 721). How do you install it?
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    This wireless option is done from the Avantgo WWW site at:

    Wireless will then appear as an option at the bottom of your Home screen of Avantgo on your Visor.

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    I guess I must be dense or something. I installed the most recent version, again, but I still have no avantgo wireless. On the bottome of my Home screen of Avantgo on my visor is a light grey "AVANTGO WIRELESS" just to the left of "ACCOUNT INFO." When I tap on it, it says "this feature is not yet installed on my device. To get it, upgrade to the latest version of AvantGo."

    I definitely do have the latest version (4.0 Build 721) and during the installation, I noted very carefully all the potential places for addition of the wireless option. Still no go. Then I repeated it again. Still no go.

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    I had the same issue / problem. As long as you've made sure to do the install that also (at the end after hot-synching) asks you if you want to activate the wireless option - you're set. If you select the my wireless option WITHOUT being on-line you will get the message that you received. However, dial-in and get a connection, and then select the my wireless option and it will open the wireless panel -- and it works.
    I did find out that I needed to adjust the prefs so that display tables is turned off so that the data displayed correcly on a screen the width of my Prism.
    After I selected 65K colors Avant Go worked flawlessly. I am very pleased. It is the fastest browser I have seen. The only drawbacks would be the weakness in storing / managing bookmarks and the inability to load palm apps (which is why I'll keep browse-it in case I need to). Also, Yahoo Mail works just fine.
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    To store bookmarks, make a custom channel to your Favorites.html file stored on a server (you may need to upload this file, if it is not already there).

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    I guess I'll try again. I was online at the time of install, and at the end of hot-sync, I never got a message asking to install "my online" Was it actually called "my online" or what?

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    I'm curious guys....but can you point out where I can get the MAc version of Avantgo V 4?

    Everytime I click on the upgrade link I'll only see v 3.3...

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    Yes, but it will download the 4.0 version
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    OK, I got the wireless version to install, but only after I had to set up a brand new user name. After the install, Netscape opens and there is a screen allowing either(1) login with a pre-existing user name, or (2) set up a new account. The later option has a wireless checkbox. I found that when I tried the former option, there was no wireless checkbox,etc... So I have two usernames with avantgo.

    Furthermore, now I sync twice with avantgo. There was a previous thread


    describing how to get rid of this (under Avantgo > options > server preferences, you delete one of the servers).

    But now I have to re-setup my channels with my new username.

    Again, I may be dense... but if there is a better way, maybe the next guy could benefit from those who installed avantgo 4 more successfully than me.

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    Well, when I set it up... I just went to my channel (the link on top of the complete listing on the right), and then on the left hand side had a couple links with I think Wireless on it...
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