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  • Yes, it's still working

    15 75.00%
  • No, it has stopped working

    5 25.00%
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    I'm curious how many folks who own Verichat still have use of it?

    I've voted Yes for myself.
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    I voted no. Only because my SMS alerts started to flake out. I started to only recieve partial IM conversations.

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    I voted Yes, but I can't seem to get the 'other' functions, like Traffic and Flight Status working. But, all the IM functionality seems to be working OK.
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    I've never used the bots myself... It does seem like the servers are up and down a little more than they used to be, but not too surprising. Most likely there's nobody watching 'em actively anymore, just get some notification when they're down.

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    Oh I just had to ask, didn't I? I haven't been able to get connected to VeriChat all day.
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    Weird.. Working again today. Maybe it was offline for about a week? Anyone else notice that?
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    Been working for me, without any problems.
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    Just checked. Works fine
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    Odd.. Was down for about a week for me, fine now..

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