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    I just updated my Treo 650 to the latest Verizon/Palm software Treo 650 1.05a-VZW.
    It took five times to get it to complete the update. (Win XPSP2).
    After it was installed, Hotsync reported an error that "identifier file...PalmUpdate05.dll" was missing. And so it was because the *&^%$#
    Treo Updater deleted it every time the update install program completed. Norton Undelete found it and I restored it.
    Completing the update on the Treo was not as described on the Palm instructions. I had to HOME Welcome before I could complete the typical hard restore tasks of choosing the language, pressing Z and so forth.
    Also, when pairing in Bluetooth, when the passkey is requested, the keyguard notice appears and if it is not cleared with the joy stick enter button within three seconds, the screen goes black. Finding and pairing in Bluetooth then must be started all over.
    Also, after reconnecting to the phone network, the Verizon name was missing. The phone must have the latest preferred roaming list updated through *22899 Send.
    Hope this info will help other updaters.
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