I'm considering getting a 2 in 1 sim adapter but I haven't read about anybody with a Treo 680 using one. The website for one of the adapters lists the 680 as a compatible device but I've learned to be skeptic about their claims. The adapter I'm talking about is the one that uses two cut sim cards, not the kind that burns different sims on one sim (I've tried that but I couldn't crack my sim cards). Since I'll have to cut my sims I'd like to know that it works in the 680. What I'm worried about is the adapter wouldn't fit in the sim card tray.

So if there is anyone who got this to work, what model of adapter are you using? Were there any issues with it? Will a Cingular 3G card work? Also how long does it take to switch between numbers? I've also read that these adapters use quite a bit of power, is that true? It could be an issue given the crappy battery life we get with the 680.