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    Hi. Does anyone know of a way to save text messages onto my computer?? I want to save the "chats" from my 700p verizon without keeping them on the phone. Lots of texts... Is there a way to do that possibly with a 3rd party?? I know HotSync doesn't transfer texts... Any other options?? Thanks.
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    theres a program called Treo DeskTop. It will save not only your sms history and chats it will save your phone records.

    The only limitation it currently has is the inability to sync them back to your phone.

    I.E. if you sync them then erase them from your phone, there is no way to get them back from Treo DeskTop to your phone.

    Check it out here:
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    Thanks... but it seems to only work for Windows... I'm on a Mac. Any other options??
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    Ouch, sorry, I didnt know about Mac. No, sorry I just came across this last month. I dont know of any other apps like it. You could email him to see if a Mac version is in the pipeline.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you Insertion...I'll try to remember it this time

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