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    I have used my gmail account with Versamail on my previous Treo 650 and my new 680 without any trouble until now. About a week ago, Versamail stopped getting my messages from gmail using their POP access. When I tell it to check mail, all I get is the error "SSLOpen err=4626." At first I thought it was just Versamail, so I downloaded a demo of Chattermail because many people on this board have recommended it so highly. It doesn't work either. Has anyone else had this problem? I have an Unlocked Arctic Treo 680 on the Cingular network. Thanks.
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    Yes, I just posted this. I have no idea why this is suddenly happening!!
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    Try deleting all the Versa files and re-setting up your accounts. You might have a corrupt file...
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    Yup, I noticed this too as of a week ago. No idea whats up but I can generally receive my mail on the second attempt.
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    Okay, this is the beginning of the week, my mail account started syncing again. Maybe it was just a fluke on gmail's end. I don't know.

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