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    I'm a longtime user of the doc-reading free "ReadThemAll" application:
    Its key feature is called "spotlight-scrolling". Excerpting from :

    The killer feature is the “spotlight” autoscroll. The idea is simple - you open a document, a screenfull of text is shown, you press down and start reading, as you read the lines at the top of the page start becoming transparent - they fade out, when you have read ’till the end of the screen the fadeout has propagated down to ~middle of the screen and on the top the text from the new page is fading in, so when you have read the last line on the screen you just raise you eyes and start reading from the top again and the new page is already there. The text only fades in and out, it does not move around the screen. Works like magic.

    You can press up to stop the scrolling. If you press down when the scrolling is active, it will speed up. If you press up when the scrolling is not active it will reduce the scrolling speed.

    Anyhow, I love it for my Palm ... so much so that I've thought about writing a version for desktop computers. I have an HDTV attached to a computer in my family room. I also have an exercise machine (elliptical trainer) in that room. It's hard to find video which is sufficiently stimulating for exercise and still compatible with the requirements of having young children around. My eyesight+motion issues don't permit me to read a book or magazine propped-up on the exercise machine.

    So: I wanted to get ReadThemAll running on my PC, but rewriting it for PCs is somewhat daunting and certainly time-consuming. Then I remembered that the Palm development kit includes a Palm emulator. So I installed the kit on that computer, fired up the emulator, installed ReadThemAll plus a free novel from the Gutenberg Project (, and I'm in business!

    Caveats: while ReadThemAll supports bookmarks, I don't believe that there's any way to preserve them in the emulator. Also, each time I restart the computer, I must restart the emulator and then manually install ReadThemAll plus the book that I want. But I usually keep this computer running anyhow, so that's not a problem so far.

    ReadThemAll works hands-free if you have the scroll-speed set to a value that's compatible with your reading-speed. I find 65 to be a good value.

    I used it this morning for the first time in exercise-mode, and got a good workout while totally engrossed in my novel. One less excuse now for not exercising ;-)

    TODO: setup my PC-friendly remote control, and set up some arrow keys on the remote to correspond to Page Up and Page Down in the Palm emulator, which is what's needed for ReadThemAll.


    Does anyone else use the Palm emulator in ways that aren't related to Palm software development?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jae_63 View Post
    TODO: setup my PC-friendly remote control, and set up some arrow keys on the remote to correspond to Page Up and Page Down in the Palm emulator, which is what's needed for ReadThemAll.

    Rather than setting up the infrared TV remote control (still in its packaging), I decide to setup my Treo's Salling Clicker ( application to perform the necessary mapping of keys. So prior to starting my exercise session I also fire-up Salling clicker on my Treo. Then in the midst of riding I can use the Treo's up and down keys to pause ReadThemAll's text, or adjust the scrolling speed. Works like a charm. My Clicker script is very ugly, but if others are interested I'll clean it up and post it.

    So now I'm using my Treo to control the Palm emulation on my PC via Bluetooth :-)
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    I had never heard of ReadThemAll before reading this post yesterday (I realize this is an old thread). I just loaded it up and I have to say, there is something very intuitive about reading text on my Centro using the "Spotlight-scroll" feature. Thanks for pointing it out.

    BTW: This is now posted at the top of their web site.
    New: try ReadTheLine, a Windows PC software implementing an innovative scrolling derived from the scrolling of ReadThemAll
    It's not the same "Spotlight-scroll" type functionality but it might be something that works for you with less set-up then using the Palm Emulator, etc.

    Also, I was able to run ReadThemAll on my Centro from the PdaReach program. It's a Window program that allows you to see and control your Palm device on your PC. From their site:
    Ever dream of using your Palm OS device directly from your computer? With PdaReach now it is possible! Simply connect your PDA to your computer with the HotSync cable, PdaReach will show your Palm device on the computer and you can start typing and clicking on it. Super responsive!
    It's just another option for you and it allows your place (and bookmarks) in the eBook to be maintained. I've used it for a long time now and it works quite well for me. Very stable and very handy when you're working at you PC to be able to control both your PC (laptop) and your Treo/Centro without having to stop and pick up the Treo/Centro and then go back to your keyboard/mouse, etc.

    How is "Salling Clicker" working out for you? I was just looking at using LibertyControl to control my home media PC. It works very well for controlling a PowerPoint presentation, but it's not very easy use to just control the desktop.
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    I haven't been using this approach for a while since (a) my exercise regimen isn't what it should be, (b) when I do exercise, the charms of Netflix-on-demand outweigh my desire to read, and (c) I've been having Bluetooth problems and haven't taken the time to sort them out. I do continue to use ReadThemAll on my Centro, e.g. when I eat lunch by myself.

    Your PDAReach idea is very cool, although of course it requires that I attach the PDA to the computer, unlike the emulator idea. But I may use it for some other unrelated ideas, now that you've reminded me about its existence.

    I adore SallingClicker. In addition to Bluetooth, you can operate it over the TCP/IP network (in my case, via Sprint), by poking a few small holes in your firewall. It's highly extensible on the PC via Javascript, and well-documented. Other people have done some very nice things with it; one of my favorites is the ability to control Pandora on a remote PC via a nice interface on your phone.
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    Hi, just to let you know if you're interested, a beta version of ReadThemAll for Windows from the same developer (I'm Max Vlasov), maybe a little bit exotic piece (not for mobile or something), but with all RTA scrolls and even a new one, Mixcroll, enjoy

    Unfortunately I can't post links due to my current status, just go to the main RTA page (ReadThemAll in any search engine), it contains a link to the new, RTA for Windows page


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