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    Good morning!

    I'm hoping you can help me. Ever since Good version was pushed to my Sprint Treo700p, my calendar will not sync.

    I still get email pushed to my phone instantly - there are no issues with this - but appointments that I set up with Outlook no longer show up on my Good calendar.

    Even meeting makers that I accept via GMM email do not display on the calendar. It's really weird. And annoying.

    I recently set up several test meeting makers in Outlook and tried a regular Palm hot sync, and that did not sync with Good's calendar (kind of as I expected).

    I've done a ton of resets and nothing.

    The helpdesk at my work is not being very helpful. Any ideas? Could this be related to DST (although I didn't download anything else for DST, just got the auto-push for 4.9).


    PS - I did some further testing...

    Set up a meeting in Outlook, no attendees. Did not show on Treo.
    Set up meeting in Outlook - with accepted attendee. Did not show up on Treo.
    Accepted (via Outlook) a meeting from someone else. Did not show up on Treo.
    Accepted (via Good email) a meeting from someone else. It *did* show up on Treo.
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    Have you tried reprovisioning your phone? Are other GMM users working fine?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodGuy View Post
    Have you tried reprovisioning your phone? Are other GMM users working fine?
    Is that reinstalling? I've done that ... I've opened a ticket with our helpdesk (again) for help from the administrator.

    How do I reprovision?
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    Ok... I did reinstall and reprovision the device and the problem remains. I'm going to try to remove GMM entirely, reset my Treo and then reinstall.

    This is so weird. And email is coming through faithfully! It hits my phone usually a few seconds before getting to my Outlook inbox!!

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    I just got a call from one of our GMM users reporting the same issue, but he says appointments do appear if they are accepted. I need to verify if they were accepted in Outlook or in GMM.

    GoodGuy, any word from support??

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