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    Hi, I am looking for an app that dims the screen and keyboard after x time of inactivity.
    I have energy dimmer on my Z72 but that app is no longer supported by the developers for the T680.
    KB Lights off seems to be unstable from what i have read but i'm not too sure as yet.

    Would anyone suggest what i should be looking for! Prefer something that has both this feature and stable on the T 680. Thanks in advance
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    I don't know if this helps any, but on the 700p I know you can press the option+menu key to dim the screen. Although a program would be nice, this works for me and doesn't require another application to run in the background and make my already crash-prone 700p even more unstable!
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    Energy Dimmer v2.16 was released this month as freeware to support Treo 680. Check the site again for discontinued applications.
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    While we probably won't release any updates and do not provide support, the last release (2.16) does in fact support the Treo 680 and can be downloaded for free at
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