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    Well, I'm glad to have a scientist back on board because these people simply don't understand quantum physics. I'm sure you'll understand that the question is not whether the light is on when the door is closed, but where it is...or how fast it's going. This is the same problem, I'm sure you know, faced by organ donors, Scandinavian or otherwise. It's not whether they had a kidney, but where it is now...or how fast it's travelling.
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    Yes, I only hope I am not too late...
    You see, it is all relative and in Australia (like Finland), the light goes off when you open the door, so you have to open it pretty fast to catch the last few photons on their way out, which makes it hard to find the recently liberated kidneys, even though they are going slower in both countries because we are further from the equator. Left hand circles in Australia, right hand in Finland.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DIG View Post
    Yes, I only hope I am not too late...
    Sorry DIG, you were always too late We were just latent, just needing a small prod that khaytsus kindly provided.

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    Gday Bob, I am not sure if I am more confused by your message or by my own one. I am feeling much better now though...thankyou....DIG
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    Quote Originally Posted by PatrickS View Post
    I have it on good authority it's because answer showed up.
    That was bad...really, really bad

    I see y'all got a little loopy for April Fool's Day
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