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    I am look for a simple app that will lock my treo with the press of the side button. I know Warden2 can do this but i am look for something that will use the palm security app.

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    Teal Lock has that option. I've used it for several years across 3 Treos.
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    Yes it does and though I was tried it for a couple of days, I opted to use the side button for other functions. I found the side button for security not to be practical. I also found myself accidentally activating it with the side button. Ben
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    I found a nice little free program called "Locker 1" that will allow me to lock my treo when I want to. I was looking for a program that would use the side select button. Warden 2 is okay but I am not feeling it. TealLock is buggy on my 700p. I do love SecureX but it doesn't have this option. I contacted some developers by email on making an app to use the side select button but most did not want to do (huh?). I did not stop looking.

    For those of you who just want to lock you treo when you want to here you go. I assign the side button in the preferences/buttons screen. This will make it a press and hold to active. So if I make a mistake and tap the side button it will not lock on me.


    Locker is a compact application that will turn off and lock your palm.

    Assign it to a hardware button to quickly lock your palm whenver you need to.

    To unlock, due to the way PalmOS handles the launching of applications, you must use one of the hardware buttons (not assigned to Locker) instead of the power button.

    Using the power button will cause Locker to run again immediately after you enter the correct program.

    Locker uses the built in security features, so there are no loopholes.
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