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    Are there any hacks/programs/utilities out there that would allow me to extend the delay time for the auto keyguard?

    I use PhoneTechnician to turn off the screen during phone calls but sometimes I need to hit a button to leave a message or select a new menu option and it is annoying to have to wait for the keyguard request to popup. I was thinking something like even 1-2 minutes would be enough time to wait but currently I can only select 30 seconds as the max.

    Ideally it would be great if the keyguard did not turn on at all whenever I hit the power button but if the screen auto powers off from the inactivity timeout then immediately engage the keyguard. That way if it ever tunrs on accidently in my bag it will only stay on for a couple of minutes and then be locked out from then on.
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    You might be asking for a product that doesn't exist. Also, each third party application increases the chances of a problem due to a conflict or if it is a poorly written application.
    Here are your choices..
    1-Just press the keyguard only takes a second (or less, if you are fast). Just get used to the one button press, it's really not that big of a deal. On my Treo, the keyguard appears nearly simultaneously with the screen. I've timed myself, I can press the button in 3/10 of a second, on average, but I'm really good at it.
    2-Leave the screen on during the your battery life really a problem? If so, get a car charger and keep it charging while driving. I charge my Treo overnight and in 9 months I've never had a battery life problem.
    3-If the battery isn't a problem, you can get AlwaysOn to keep the screen on for a longer period of time than the internal power saver. Then, you can dim the screen during a call to reduce your power consumption, if you are worried about battery problem, just press the black button and the options drop down button simultaneously to dim the screen.
    4-Disable Keyguard and get a case for your Treo, so if it inadvertently turns on in your bag, no buttons will be pressed, inadvertently.

    If battery life isn't a problem, I'd just leave the screen on during the call, or deal with the button (which really isn't a big deal to press).
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    Try KeyguardTime+ 5.2 b5.

    I don't know if this is what you're looking for but it is a very cool, free app:

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    that application doesnt extend the enable keyguardtime
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    It isn't for battery life, I am quite happy with that. The reason I turn off the screen during a call is so that I don't hear the screen whine while trying to talk to someone, as well as i don't like the bright screen on when talking in dark places.

    My keyguard request seems to take longer than yours on occasion and it is annoying when trying to navigate a phone tech menu system, I do deal with it but the point of the 3rd party OS was to allow greater customization to suit _me_ better.


    Nice app, but doesn't help me with extending the auto keyguard time.
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    with the newest version of phone technician , u can use the end button to wake up screen and the keyguard wont be activated... sometime i noticed if i use another button to wake up screen the keyguard is activated, try it out.. if u still are having trble navigating around , uncheck option stay put in phone technican....
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    I have upgraded my Phone Technician to 2.87 and it looks like this is going to fix my problems, as far as I can tell it stops enabling the keyguard when it automatically turns off the screen. I will test it out for a few more days to make sure but so far so good.

    Thanks for the tip...

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