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    Been lurking a while. I'm a newbie who just got a 680 with Blackberry Connect, my first PDA. What should I for sure do and for sure not do as I begin using it?

    I've checked the sim card, it appears to be a "good" one 73000G 3021.

    Do I need to worry about the camera patch or should my new Treo be OK?

    I've read about sync issues with the Blackberry Connect and PIM features (calendar). Should I drop the BBC and go with the PDA Connect and Chattermail to get the push email?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome Rick! Backup using reliable software to the card. Two of the favorites in the forum are Resco Backup and the freebie, NVBackup. I use Resco Backup on a 700p and it has performed very well. Resco also makes Resco Explorer which is an outstanding file manager for Palm with a backup function included (also excellent, though not automated). Alternatively, FileZ is a freebie file manager with an excellent reputation. Not sure about the patch as it was not necessary on the "p." You might also want to consider LauncherX or ZLauncher. I wouldn't try to fill the Palm up with programs at first, take your time as the device is quite powerful out of the box.

    Good Luck!
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    Install the Camera patch as it helps your battery life. Also, you probably want the Daylight Savings Time Patch.

    If you're planning on trying out a variety of third party software, then I recommend installing Uninstall Manager from Northglide first. It will help clean out files and preferences that the default Launcher Delete function misses.

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    Take it slow, have patience and enjoy you're new Treo!
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    Slow it is and after one day, so far so good.

    I checked my 680's serial number on Palm's website and even though it states the camera patch is needed if you purchased the phone prior to January 17th, it confirmed the camera patch was necessary. I installed it suprisingly with little effort.

    Haven't set up my email account yet, but I'll do that today. I use Outlook 2007 and installed the Palm patch for it and everything (contacts/calendar) synched perfectly.

    Thanks for the advice!

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