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    New to the forum; great place. I just received a brand new Treo 680 Cingular, got it charged up and ready, Indicator light during charge was steady red at first and later turned steady green. Ok so far so good. Once removed from the charger turned the phone on to do the test call and the Treo went through th "Netwok searching" deal with a red blinking indicator light, once it found the network - with Cingular with full bars - the indicator light did not turned to blink green like on my Treo 650.

    Is this normal?? Called Cingular Tech Service and have no idea, they were assuming that it was normal, but I referred them to the users guide; Palm site did not shed any "LIGHT" on the problem. Cingular will call me tomorrow to decide if I got a lemon and possibly resolve with another one.

    Treoscout in the Ozarks
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    The indicator light doesn't blink on the 680 -- when there's a signal it stays dark.
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    Correct. When unplugged, the light only turns on (blinks red) if the phone loses cellular signal.
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    Other programs also use the light. For example when I use CallRec, it blinks green will in a call to let me know it's recording. Also, shen using chatteremail, it lights up when I have new mail waiting.
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    Thanks a lot to all for the information. I suppose I will learn new features on the 680 as I go along the way, compared with the 650. I just hope none of the "new features" look like glitches or abnormal behavior. So far the 680 is behaving today very well.

    Thanks again,

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