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    Hi there...
    - this is my first post on this site. A friend suggested I try asking for help here. I did try a search with little results - plus I do not have unlimited time to check this monstrous website so I was hoping someone might be able to help direct my search or answer my questions directly. Thanks in advance.

    I am currently on my 4th Treo 650 with Telus in about 1 year and 3 months... original was purchased Dec 2005. The last one I have was received in July 2006 and has lasted the longest of the 3. Previous ones all had the same issue: the speaker phone and actual ear speaker and microphone stopped working. I could recieve and make calls but I could hear nothing nor could they hear me unless I used a blue tooth headset - which i was unable to find one I was happy with for use with the Treo.

    Now... I have someone from Telus supposedly willing to help me out but I wanted to check here first - forwarned = forarmed.

    The current issue is that the Treo resets itself randomly when I am on a call, making a call, receiving a call or just pushing one of the buttons. I use the Palm software only (had issues syncing it with Outlook originally)... the palm screen pops up then the other palm screen pops up and the phone sometimes turns the receiving calls back on (this is random too). Well it is sort of random except for when my wife calls me - the phone ALWAYS resets when i hit the answer pad on the screen... hahaha good I guess if I do not want to talk to her but very annoying... frequent places that this happens are at the airport, theatre, and Wal-mart... I am not sure if this is pertinent but it is where I have noticed it often... it also happens elsewhere randomly but usually always happens there...

    Thoughts to the cause of this or am I onto my 5th Treo and likely a 700... which brings me onto my next question...

    Right now I have been a faithful Palm user for a long time and have always used that software for contacts, memos, tasks, etc... I tried initially to sync with Outlook but it did not work...

    I am concerned before taking my phone in to probably get replaced again (and I will be fighting tooth and nail not to pay for this... had to pay $50 once before which was credited to my account... the others were an advanced swap)...

    My question is - is there a way to get Palm to sync with Outlook prior to the 700 (WX is what I was tolfd to request) which uses the Windows software (which may help but I will likely see blue screens instead!)... so that I can transfer all of the information I have in my Treo into Outlook?

    Currently i have about 300+ contacts with detailed info in there and I would rather not have to type that all out - as well as many memos and tasks...

    I hope I am being clear in my questions...

    Thanks again.
    Treo Lover/Hater
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    The problem you're having sounds like the SIM contacts aren't making the right connections. Some 650 users have had to shim the SIM card by putting some folded paper or a little piece of cardboard in the SIM tray with the card to force it to make the proper connection.

    You may want to try that first before returning, yet another 650...
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    Sorry to sound stupid but this probably will...

    The SIM tray and SIM card? Is that where the battery sits?
    Or is that where the SD card goes?
    Or is it something totally different?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShogunG View Post
    Sorry to sound stupid but this probably will...

    The SIM tray and SIM card? Is that where the battery sits?
    Or is that where the SD card goes?
    Or is it something totally different?

    Yes totally different.

    The slot into which the SIM tray fits is behind the SD card slot and next to the Antenna. Use your fingernail to pull the tray out of the slot, and you will see your SIM card. I havent done the procedure mentioned above, but I imagine you just remove the SIM card from the tray, and place "some folded paper or a little piece of cardboard" where the SIM card sits, put the SIM card back on top of the paper and then reinsert the whole tray back into the phone.


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    Oops, sorry! The SIM tray is where TRgEOff said it is. But, since the 680 is Cingular only, sometimes I forget the 650 is also available on Sprint and Verizon. I don't know what Telus is, but if it's CDMA then you won't have a SIM card.Ca

    Okay...just checked and you're in Canada, so you should have a SIM card, right?
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    The SIM tray should look like this one. (If it is not, there will be a very subtle difference). This is the new one released by Palm a while ago. The old one didn't necessarily cause resets but did cause problems making and recieving calls.
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    Hey guys - thanks for your help but I do not have a SIM tray/card on my phone...

    I am in Alberta Canada with Telus if that helps... there are two different kinds of phones here in Canada I have been told - Rogers sells the other kind... I am not sure which one I have but I know there is no SIM tray...

    Any other ideas though?
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    Do you have the latest software. I can't think of anything else that would cause so many problems. It has to be something that all the phones had in common. Do you know of anyone else in the area with a T650? Check this to see if your software is up to date.
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    hey thanks - I will check...

    Looks like I will be simply upgrading to a new 700wx i think... heard the 700p's had a lot of issues... although windows has their own issues too I'm sure...

    I just want to smash the bloody thing... i was just in to a telus store the other day and they gave me a loaner 700wx to try out which i have not had time to do of course... I wonder if i can swap it for a 700p within 30 days if i don't like the wx? I just have to figure out if i can migrate everything to Outlook before i do anything...

    Thanks again
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    If you have been using Palms for a long time, and you have upgraded without doing clean installs, you will have problems. If you use your headphone jack a lot, it is weak in the 650 and will cause the audio problems. You have to be real careful with plugging things into the jack. Also, some connectors will put more strain on the jack and cause it to fail quickly. The 650 is really one of the best Palm smartphones and a lot of the bugs were worked out with firmware.

    Regardless of some of the negative posts you may read here, the majority of people here are relatively satisfied with it. Do a clean install and be careful with your jack and it should work well. The bluetooth can be a problem but depending on your headset, it may work well. I would vote for the 700P as I just compared the 700wx and the 700P for my boss and went with the P.

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