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    Anyone have an old 650 palm os (unlocked) they dont need / want anymore?

    My Treo 650 just started the self-destruct countdown, and is constantly resetting with any movement in the battery casing, or back cover. (I tried all sorts of fixes, even split the phone open and reinforcing contacts, etc - to no avail) - was waiting for this summer/fall before making a new phone purchase, but my phone just quit.

    --> Just thought I'd ask here, with all the happy T680 owners, maybe someone wouldnt mind "giving away" a 650?

    Question #2:
    Anyone know a cheap source for a 680 ?

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    Amazon if you're ready to sign a new contract or eligible for an upgrade...
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    I need a "Free" 650 also, heck I'll even take a 750 for free !!
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    I would definitely be interested in a free 750. Please, no one respond unless unit is in mint condition. I will pay shipping as an added incentive.
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    I have exactly what you are looking for. I am willing to let my 1.5 year old 650 in a very good condition with all the accessories in the original box plus 2 cases (rubber and crystal) for $175.
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    I've got one, and I'm looking at it right now... whilst trying to work out whether the 680's battery problems are software-related.

    Unfortunately, until I can confidently use my 680 for a full business day using push-email and regular internet use, I'm keeping my 650 as a backup device.

    Incidentally, since you're asking if someone will simply give one of these things away, are they worth that little on the open market as unlocked sim-free phones? I'd have thought that they were still worth a reasonable sum given that they do a good, flexible job, surely 50 or so.
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    I already gave one 650 away. Now she's coveting my 680!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rambo47 View Post
    I already gave one 650 away. Now she's coveting my 680!

    As for the other posts, when I say "give away" - i really mean a good deal, almost as a generous offer from one member to another.

    I would not want something for nothing....but a good "deal" for a 650 is $150 or less, they are easier to obtain for $185.

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