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    I found a new patch at a chinese site that supposedly works with treo 650, but I don't have a Palm Wifi Card to test with.

    1) Does anyone want to test the drivers?

    2) Does anyone want to sell me their Palm Wifi Card so I can test it?

    --I will not be able to get on Treocentral for the rest of the day, but you can email me. alexc88 at gmail dot com
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    Can you post more information about the site where you found the drivers? It's hard to believe that after all this time drivers would suddenly show up.
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    Sure post a link to the drivers.
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    I don't know the site I'm sorry.

    I just asked for the file from a friend, and he's the one that told me he got it from a chinese site.

    I've read all the thread about wifi drivers (treo 650 owner since the beginning), so i was a bit skeptical, but I got the file.

    Just don't know if it will work.

    Anyway, I'll report back after I get my hands on a wifi card...

    Do you guys want me to just post it here? Cuz I don't know if that's allowed or whatever, don't want to get in trouble.
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    Ok, I tried to post the file here, but it's like 3 mb unzipped and 1.5 zipped, so it's too big.

    Email me!
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    Also, supposedly you need the Palm Wifi Card, so...

    Anyway, email me!
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    RapidShare would work..
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    Ok, couldn't figure out rapidshare, but here it is.

    ***Please please please let me know if this works or not!!!!
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    Downloaded and attempted to install.

    Installer advised that my currently installed files were more recent! WTF.

    Don't get your hopes up!
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    ANyone else?!
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    I have tried to install the file but it does not work, after installation finishes I can see using filez several files with names preceded by an underline character but no executables or network config options. Those files should probably be decompressed then installed and then deleted but it fails at some part of the proccess.
    I tried twice with the same results.
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    This looks like the exact same install file that came with my WiFi card. It does not work.
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    Man...ok, thanks guys..

    I'll save my money then!
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    What am I missing here?

    There's not even an option to download showing on that page. Perhaps because I told it to sod off after the fifth request to load cookies?
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    On the bottom of the page, there's a place where you type in 3 numbers...did you do that?

    It should take you to anther page where you wait 30 seconds before downloading.
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    Thanks. I did that but didn't get to a dl page. Probably because my internet settings are for max security, and if they are using any active scripting it's blocked on this end.

    Did a little more reading up on the 650 and WiFi cards, apparently Palm has gone to great lengths to illegally conspire, ergh, I mean, please their wireless customers by blocking WiFi in the newer firmware versions.

    Apparently the cellcos want to make Real Damn Sure that no one uses a cheap WiFi VOIP or data connection instead of their cellular minutes.
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    I can not download palm treo 650 wifi driver, please help me
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    There is no native WiFi in the 650, you need an SD WiFi card and the Palm version, as I recall, never was designed to work in the Treo 650 and is reported not to.

    WiFi? Iphone or Treo800, depending on your carrier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by miioo View Post
    I can not download palm treo 650 wifi driver, please help me
    Did you ever get it to download?
    Just call me Berd.

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