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    I have a Treo 700p. Since I am always in the car it is difficult to write down notes from conversations I have. Does anyone know of any software or digital plugin device that could record cell phone conversations for playback later?
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    I use CallRec by Qmobilsoft. It works well and record both sides of the conversations on yout Treo and save it to your SD card. It also has a conduit that allows you to sync your recorded calls to your PC.
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    Along the same line, I have also noticed voice dialing apps but wondered which is the best value for the money.

    What the the pros and cons to apps such as "Treo Voice Dialing" by VoiceSignal?

    Are there better ones? Why? What better value would one place on them?

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    mVoice will record phone conversations.

    For voice dialing, VoiceDial is good because it does not need any training and thus can dial any contact in your data base. It correctly interprets my voice dial commands (I have about 500 contacts) about 90% of the time.
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    Voice Memo (Free)
    Personal Audio Recorder

    All can do this, but CallRec seems to be the easiest. You can try out all so you can decide yourself which is best!
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    CallRec is the least painful and IMO features the best quality.

    I will try out VoiceDial since someone recommended it. I didn't know there were ANY apps that didn't require training.
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    As a note, I do not believe Bluetooth headsets are supported. Ben

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