After the OTA installation of, my Treo 650 goes into endless reset loops.

It seems to be a conflict between DBCache and Good's new autostart feature. I can disable DBCache, and end the reset-loop problem. The issue is then when I try and run something like Blazer, I get the "not enough memory" message.

I know this is not a good issue, per se, because memory management on the Treo 650 is so bad. But the effect of the upgrade is that I need to go through a checklist of action items after every reset (disable dbcache, reset, reassign buttons). And unfortunately, resets happen frequently (again, not blaming Good, but it happens when Good is installed). The net effect is it has made the Treo, which I love and have convinced many in my organization to switch to, to be a pain to use.

I came back to the boards here hoping for a good resolution. Anybody have a work around? I have my IT guy calling tech support as well.