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    On the Phone function in the Favorites menu I have set up some of my Contacts with Speed Dial Quick Keys. e.g. "Home" set to Quick Key "H." When I press and hold "H " I just get beeps but no dialing happens. Is there some way I am supposed to enable this first?
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    I installed a program called obsfucate, which allowed me to "hide" some applications /icons from view that i couldnt delete. When I chose to hide the "phone app icon, my speed dial would not work. The rest of my phone app did.

    Prob not your scenario but thought I would give it a whirl.....Otherwise no idea why not working for you
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    & I had to disable KeyCaps in the phone application for speed dial to work
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    SpeedDial only works within the Phone application. To make it work in other applications you will need Butler.
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    KeyCaps is the culprit. When disabled Speed Dial works. Thank you.

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