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    I just visited the Rand McNally website to have a look at the StreetFinder software for the Palm only to be disappointed to find demos for versions 3.3 and 3.5 of the PalmOS. I guess the list of incompatibilities due to the non-upgradable OS begins eh?

    My next will definately be be upgradable.....


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    Did you actually TRY the demo?
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    Well, it *sorta* works. I have a copy a friend gave me - was upgrading to wireless and didn't *need* his copy, and I tried it out. You can use some of the functions but as soon as I tried accessing some of the advanced features in the map program I got a fatal exception and had to reset. No hacks running, no nothing - still killed it. Happened three times in a row, I figured that it was a OS 3.1h incompatability.

    Cheers and Good Luck!

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    Try Mapopolis. Free and covers entire US. You can download 2 levels of maps (by county). One has more details than other. You can find landmarks, cities, streets, addresses, intersections. You can create your own "maplet" of locations or landmarks; these are "findable".

    Creator's web site here
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    I'd love to try Mapopolis but I need Canadian maps. Although the creators do say that international maps are in the works I won't hold my breath. I could be old and grey before a map of Toronto is released for the Palm....hehe

    Thanks for the suggestion though,


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