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    I have a new Treo 650 (Verizon), the volume is so low, listening to a call, that I can't hear the other person if there's any noise at all. The speaker works fine, bluetooth volume is fine, volume setting is all the way up. Is this a problem with the phone? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    I recently started using a Treo 650 and I had the same problem with a Motorola Bluetooth headset. It sat on my ear. I purchased a in-ear Plantronics Discovery 645 and that did it for me. I got it from eBay so I paid 33 cents to the dollar.
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    Search the forums. This has been discussed MANY times. An application called VolumeCare is the solution that has fixed the problem for most folks. Well, at least it has helped.
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    just for better volume, try volumecare or phone technician.
    I have better luck with technician. volumecare until recently would cause problems with my calls, but others swear by it. For bluetooth volume try BTMute.

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