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    Right now sms uses the wm5 pocket outlook contacts - can't seem to find a way to have it point to the gmm contacts? also anyway to add a send sms action to the gmm contact list?
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    I believe the latest version ( has a send SMS/TXT option from the GMM Contacts.

    The way I do it, is search through the today screen, and hold down on the mobile # and then the option "txt xyz" comes up.

    I still think that the it still uses the local contacts when using sms using outlook.

    I've been using the palm threaded sms hack and amazingly that can use the local AND GMM contacts database.
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    You can send a SMS from the good contacts in the latest build. I use WM5 and Good and I keep the people I SMS a lot in pocket outlook and the rest I use my good contacts.

    quirky but works.
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