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    I just got my friends old treo 650. It still has some of his info (like contacts, etc..)

    I installed palm desktop and now trying to hotsync so I can delete his data and enter my data. But it is not working. My XP doesn't recognize new treo. When I press hotsync button on treo, USB symbol of new hardware appears on my PC but then nothing happens.

    So my situation is: new palm desktop software install with old treo.

    Any help appreciated.
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    Hold down the red power key when doing a reset by also hitting the reset button inside the stylus.
    When the palm screen appears let go of the red button.
    It asks if you want to delete all data, hit yes.
    Let the phone reboot.
    Now uninstall palm desktop.
    then reinstall palm desktop with the phone connected.
    follow the prompts and you should be good to go.
    don't forget to also download the daylight savings time patch from your carrier
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    You may also have a USB driver issue. If what the above post (A hard reset) doesnt work for you then you should try to unistall the desktop software then reinstall.

    I initially had a hard time getting my new XPPro laptop to recognize the usb driver. A reinstall did the trick.
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    Well, the second post did mention the a reinstall my apologies to that post.

    It will help with the usb recognition.
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    i have this problem every now and then and its because of bad contacts. you might want to take the computer side of the usb and use your thumb and finger to gently bend the metal so it fits more snug into your USB port. second take a needle and clean up the contacts on the bottom of your treo. hope this helps. good luck

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    I did reboot and reistallation yesterday but it didn't work.

    But it seems like it is working now today. I don't know what was the problem.
    I also updated ROM as suggested by Palm.

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    glad to see you up and running!!!
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    Hi Guys,

    I thought, this problem had been resolved but it is still there.

    I just tried 5 attempts to hotsync but it didn't work. It just gives me USB symbol (may be for new USB device found) in my system tray and that's it.

    I will appriciate any help from you for troubleshooting.

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    Have you opened the Hot Sync manager on the Desktop to make sure all the conduits are set? Did you verify in the Hot Sync Manager and on the Treo that they are set to Cradle/Cable?

    During the desktop installation, did you hot sync when it asked you to or did you skip it and wait until the installation was complete? You may want to try hot syncing it during the installation process.

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