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    I'm from Canada. Are you aware of any TREO model that works with Bell Mobility OR Rogers with Bluetooth in MERCEDES GL450?
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    Currently the mercedes BT does not support treos. you can go on to mbusa.coms website and it has a link to the BT compatibility chart.. And knowing how the treos's BT works getting it to work good with any car you are lucky.
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    my camry hybrid was not suppose to support treo's but mine works flawlessly.
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    No problem with the Treo 700p and I guess any other since the main issue here is conectivity.

    Your GL should have the MHI or UHI option installed on your vehicle with the Bluetooth adapter plugged in. The adapter is quite expensive, about 400 and your could find it on ebay or wireless4mb .

    Any questions you could visit and there is ton of info there on the bluetooth setup.


    Note: you will not be able to download phone directory, you will get simple conectivity on making or receiving calls with integration with your Command system and driving wheel.

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